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Retailers choose Scarsdale for security and Business Intelligence analytics

Scarsdale LiveWatch our new video, "Scarsdale Live in NYC 2017." Scarsdale's Jim Mahoney and Frank Baker discuss why Scarsdale Security is the retail industry's leading source for loss prevention with advanced video surveillance, business intelligence and traffic analytics. Click the link at right, then click "Download" to watch the free video.

In addition to unsurpassed security services, Scarsdale is the retail industry's leading source for advanced Business Intelligence and traffic analytics. We provide complete video surveillance, audio interaction, guest analysis and employee assurance in addition to many other services.

Whether you manage security for a multinational corporation or the corner "Mom and Pop," Scarsdale Security has a well-earned reputation as one of the leading security companies in the nation for Retail protection, employee management technology and loss prevention. We've got the solution for you.

Retail security means more than watching the store

shop ladyVisit our testimonial page to see what leading retailers say about Scarsdale. Corporate executives and security managers trust Scarsdale to provide building security, fire protection, loss prevention and video surveillance needs.

Important Business Intelligence and security

Scarsdale Security has several options to protect your corporate and retail locations with the very latest BI and security technology.

list  Virtual Guard  Services
list  PageWatch Pager Notification
list  Network Management  Services
list  Virtual LP Helps reduce costs and loss

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Scarsdale designs advanced, comprehensive security systems for multinational manufacturers and retailers. Our designers and technicians have competitively priced solutions to protect your investments and reduce loss

Make sure your warehouses, distribution centers. transportation facilities, yards, offices and other buidlings are secured with the latest equipment and services from Scarsdale Security. See our brochure for details. Download here.

The basics of retail security systems

list  Interior and Perimeter Intruder Alarm
list  Fire and Smoke Alarms
list  Urgent Help Needed, for elder care and the disabled
list  Indoor and Outdoor remote Video Monitoring
list  Water and Environmental Hazard Monitoring

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