Scarsdale Security
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Protect Slip and Fall, vandalism, damage and theft

profile VirtualGuard from Scarsdale is like have a live guard walking your premises at all hours of the day and night.

VirtualGuard and perimter cameras create a high-security system that communicates with the Scarsdale monitoring center to alert, analyze and respond to emergecy situations. 

Cameras may be positioned along fences or walls, offering real time surveillance of your yards, offices and buildings. Using customized rules, VirtualGuard can rapidly deploy intelligent surveillance information to law enforcement and management to intiatie defensive measures.

Make sure you've got the advantage of real time surveillance and professional response with VirtualGuard from Scarsdale Security. Ask our customers!


VirtualGuard realtime video protection

cameraSecurity. Keep an eye on offices, hallways, storage areas and yards.

Fire. Protect your premises against threats from fire, chemical damage or vandalism.

Video is monitored and evaluated in real time to determine necessary emergency response measures.

Remote Services include live surveillance to our montiroing center and can even be accessed through your computer or smart phone.

Access Control. Watch who's coming and going, and when. Make sure only authorized personnel have access to your facilities.

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